In general, people believe that fame and fortune can bring great happiness. The successful persons can do what they want and enjoy the luxury life. But according to the research, more than 60% poor people feel comfortable about their life and they are moderately happy, while the rich people feel not satisfied with their current situation.

The good education and high salary are believed to be the main factors that contribute to the great happiness. This group of people belong to the middle class. They make good money and are able to pay for the comfortable life. But the fact is that most of them are under great pressure from work. The strong competition makes them to fight for the efficiency. Working for extra hours happens all the time.

For the poor people, though they don't have a lot of money, they are satisfied as they make ends meet. When the families get together and enjoy the dinner time, they feel greatest happiness. Money can't buy all the things, and the real happiness depends on the value you treat. Some people take family and health for the first place, while others take fame and money as the most important thing.