iPhone is made in USA, but extremely popular in China. It is public cognition that iPhone is a high level smart product. It is good but expensive. Some people even joke that they will sell one of their kidney to buy an iPhone. Though it is a joke, it respects a social phenomenon that people’s desire to buy a expensive cellphone. Should we buy it? I think it depends on people’s own financial ability.
iPhone是美国产的手机,却在中国异常受欢迎。在公众的认知中iPhone是一个高端的智能产品。它很好却也很贵。有些人甚至开玩笑说他们要卖掉一个肾来买一个iPhone手机。尽管这是一个玩笑,却也反映出了一种社会现象,那就是人们对买一个昂贵手机的欲望。 我们应不应该购买苹果手机?我认为这要看个人的经济实力。

One the one hand, we all know that iPhone is a kind of status symbol in people’s mind, so some people just want to show off to buy an iPhone that is not necessary, especially for those have economy annoyance. As you are not rich enough, you will gain burden to your life if you buy a cellphone about 6,000 RMB. And what you use it to do is the same as other cheaper phone. The purpose you buy it just for flaunt. If you are this kind of people, please do not buy an iPhone, because life is much important than face.

One the other hand, if you are a rich people, just buy one, as it is good to use in some point. Its hard software and system are better than some other phone. After all, you have money, then you can do whatever you want with money.

In conclusion, before we decide to buy an iPhone or not, what we need to think is our own situation.