For the graduates, they come to the job market and expect to find a perfect job with high salary. But for a new, he is always paid much lowered than his expectation. The experienced employers suggest the young people to pay attention to the career development at the beginning.

For the employees, asking for more salary is always an awkward question. There is a very classic example showing the salary level. A man who has worked in the company for a long time and he decided to ask his boss to gain salary. Then the boss asked him to finish a mission. He was told to ask the arrival time of a CEO from another company. He told the time to his boss, then his boss asked him whether the CEO needed to be picked up and how many persons they would come. None of question he could answer, because the boss did not tell him to get further details.

The beginning of the career should be based on the development. As we are young and full of energy, the chances to learn things comes first, and when we are equipped with skills, we deserve more pay.