Recently, a female weather reporter stunned the world for her young look. The public found she stay as young as twenty years ago. Nowadays, more and more women look much younger than their ages. People always want to search the secret and keep young. In my opinion, healthy diet and good mood are the best ways.

So many celebrities attach the importance of healthy diet. They show their recipes and advocate people to live the good life. Many young people like to stay up and eat fast food, because of the fast pace lifestyle. So they are easy to be sick and have the medicine, which age them mainly. The best medicine is from food according to the traditional Chinese way of treatment as every medicine has its poison.

The most effective way to stay young is to keep good mood. The classic example is the single lady always looks much younger than a married woman, even they are the same age. The reason is clearly, because the single lady just enjoys her life and doesn't have much pressure, while the married woman has to deal with many life issues and feels stressful all the time.

When we can control our lifestyle and keep positive attitude to our life, we are the winners.