Nowadays, more and more young people trend to take a trip when they have holidays or when they face annoyance in life. Traveling provides people a way to breathe new air and adjust their mood. But short trip for most people is to run away from all kinds of troubles, instead of looking inside.

With the improvement of life standard, traveling becomes much easier for Chinese people. The public advocates the young generation to travel more, so as to broaden their vision. While in the movies and commercial ads, traveling has become a way for people to run away from their troublesome life. Without the annoyance, they live easy life and appreciate scenery. But when they return, they need to continue the suck life.

In my opinion, the meaning of travel is to let people have the chance to look inside and figure out the way to solve their problems. So when the happy journey is finished, it is time for them to come back and face their problem. There is no need to avoid the trouble, just face it and then life will be better.