Buddha-like style is discussed by the public everywhere. The young people show their Buddha-like situation to show their peaceful mood about trouble. They think they don’t care about anything and have little desire to win or to achieve. But the fact is that they are running away from their problems.

Buddha-like style is bragged by the young generation, and they describe it as the right attitude to life. While the fact is not. It is a negative attitude to life. They give up fighting and find a way to comfort themselves. The real Buddhism is to let go of the unhappiness which hinders us to move on, instead of giving up everything. The young generation totally mix the Buddha-like and Buddhism.

When we meet troubles, we need to face them instead of avoiding them. The way to head for better life is to make breakthrough. Buddha-like style is just the excuse for being negative about life. If we want success, then just conquer the fear and escape is not the solution. When we let go of unhappiness, then life will be amazing.