In Chinese tradition, when people are old, they trend to spend the time staying with the families and taking care of grandchildren. While the western old people choose to travel around the world and do their own stuffs. The change happens in China among the old generation and they chase special lifestyle as the western people.

Recently, a Chinese elder lady won million fans in the social network account, because she shared her retired time with fans. She was a backpacker and she traveled with young students. She often shared her stories with these young people. The old woman’s lifestyle inspires the old people to chase the life they want. They can enjoy another free retired life.

People often believe that the elder people’s life will not as excellent as the youth, because they are old and lack of energy. But they are wrong, as the saying that it is never too late to learn. The elder proves that they can enjoy the life as the young people do.

Age is not the excuse to hinder us to move on. We can enjoy life anytime and anywhere.