Grain rain is the sixth solar term of Chinese traditional festival, which is also the last solar term in the spring season that means the coming of summer and the warm weather helps the grain to grow quickly. Nowadays, different areas have different ways to celebrate this festival.

About 4,000 years ago, the emperor named a man to be the government officer. The man's job was to use shells and knots to records incidents, but soon he found this way wasn't effective due to the raise of incidents. Finally, he created the words and the emperor made a big celebration. Then it rained with grain, so people called this day Grain Rain.

Since then, when Grain Rain comes, people would celebration for seven to ten days. People built a temple in honor of this great man. Thousands of people came to the temple to join the activity. They danced and made big performances. Now, people feel so grateful about the rain, which gives them hope of big harvest. 

Though people made different traditions on Grain Rain, they are all thankful to the coming harvest.