Old people are easy to get ill, because their body organs are no longer working as well as the young people. Parkinson disease has invaded more old people these years and many movies have talked about this problem. The young generation starts to pay attention to this incurable disease.

So far, there is no effective medicine to cure Parkinson, but some medicine can slow down the deterioration of this disease. The thing we can do for the patient is to spend more time with them, sharing our happiness and make them live with positive attitude. Love and care can conquer all difficulties, even cover the pain that the disease brings.

The invasion of the incurable diseases catch the public’s attention. People advocate healthy lifestyle, in the purpose of keeping healthy. Especially for the young generation, they like to stay up and lack of exercise. What’s more, busy work makes them keep the distance with their families. So no matter how busy we are, the time to stay with families comes first, never let ourselves feel regretful when disease invades the elders.