World Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, which is a day to call for people around the world to protect the environment. Look at the change of environment in the past decades. If we don’t make a contribution to bringing the world green, then we don’t live the good life.

The pollution is happening everywhere. For example, the river in my hometown, when I was very small, people could wash their clothes and go swimming in it, or we could see fish clearly. But now, the water is very dirty and there are a lot of rubbish around the river. What’ more, the area of river has become smaller. Every time when I see this bad change, I feel so pity.


The result of the pollution of the environment is the disappearance of animals. Some animals become rare and are dying out. It is known to all that animals and human being are part of nature. We live together. If animals disappear, we don’t live for long. Protecting the environment is saving our offspring.