Since I went to college, I feel so excited about the new chapter of my life. I have imagined the campus life for so many years. Now I finally come to this stage. I have much time after class, so I need to learn to deal with it. After two years’ struggling, I find the right way to spend my time.

The first thing for every college student is to learn major knowledge. In China, so many students think college time is used to play instead of study, so they skip class. This is a big mistake. College is the stage for students to master practical skills, which decides what kind of job they will work on. So I study very hard from Monday to Friday. I don’t want to miss the important knowledge.

The second thing for college students is to join the after-class activities. Joining the activities can not only learn more skills, such as dance and sports, but also can make friends. Campus is like a small society. Students need to learn to make connections with other students, so that they can win more chances. I learn a lot from my new friends and know how to communicate.

My college life is wonderful, I learn both knowledge and social skills.