Many years ago, Shanzhai products were discussed by the public everywhere. Shanzhai means fake and low quality. At that time, most people didn't have the consciousness to protect the intellectual property right. The act of plagiarism will not only be condemned by people, but also punished by law.

In order to call for the public to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property, April 26th has been named World Intellectual Property Day, which helps to advertise the value of one's own hard working. When someone creates products, he needs to register his patent, so as to protect his own wisdom to be stolen by others. Nowadays, more and more people start to realize the law's power to protect their creation.

For those people who plagiarize other people's design, they should be punished by law. It is a shame to make Shanzhai products. What they do not only hurts the designers' feelings, but also brings great loss of customers, because no one wants to get fake products. 

Still there is a long way to go for better protecting designers' original creation.