Good morning ladies and gentlemen, teachers and my fellow friends. The title of the speech that i‘m going to talk about is on money and health. Now as you see, we have a society where people just concentrate on earning money to pay off their mortgage, credit cards, holiday expanses etc, most of them fail to notice the gradual decline in their health. To them money is much much more important than health. As it says, " money is the root of all evil." I agree with it. Therefore, it is now time for us to watch out for our health and treasure our body! Thank you!


早上好各位来宾,老师,各位朋友。讲话的标题,我要谈论金钱和健康。现在你看,我们有一个社会,人们只集中在以赚钱偿还房屋按揭贷款,信用卡,节假期 My Holiday'>假日等大片,其中大部分没有注意他们的健康逐渐下降。对于他们的钱远远比健康更为重要。它说:“金钱是万恶之源。”我同意了。因此,现在是时候了,我们看我们的健康和珍惜自己的身体了!谢谢您!