When I was very small, I lived in my hometown, which was a beautiful countryside. I had a good memory there. The green trees and the blue sky brought me great comfort. When I walked along the road, I could see so many birds flying in the sky. But when I moved to the city, there were all buildings around me. I barely saw birds in the sky. I had less chance to close to nature. In the future, more children will be born and live in the big cities, who don't have much chances to appreciate the beauty of nature. What a pity. The worse situation happens in the countryside is the pollution. The river is no longer clean and the rubbish can be seen everywhere. We are hurting the environment. If we don't protect the nature, then we are hurting ourselves.
在我很小的时候,我住在家乡 My Hometown'>我的家乡,那是一个美丽的乡村。那里有着我美好的记忆,绿树,蓝天带给我极大的舒适。当我走在路上的时候,我可以看到很多鸟在天上飞。但当我搬到城市以后,那里周围都是高楼,我几乎看不到鸟儿在天空中飞翔。我没什么机会亲近大自然。在未来,更多的孩子将在大城市出生并生活在那里,他们没有太多的机会去欣赏到大自然的美。真遗憾。最糟糕的情况是农村污染,河水不再干净,垃圾随处可见。我们正在伤害环境。如果我们不保护自然,那么就是在伤害自己。