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韦氏词典新增640个新词 来看看你认识几个

韦氏词典新增词汇啦!既有看上去很眼熟的Go-cup、Screen time、Unplug、buzzy,也有Top surgery、stan、Gig economy这种让你摸不着头脑的新词。这些词都是近几年的网络流行语,如果你还不了解,那就接着往下看吧!



A word (heh) of warning: If you hate internet slang and buzzy pop culture words, this news isn't for you.


Merriam-Webster has added 640 new words to the dictionary, and together, they're a pretty good portrait of how we talk to each other online in 2019.


Take, for instance, the word "buzzy." We just used it in the previous paragraph and it felt so natural! So appropriate. And wouldn't you know, it's one of those 640 new words. The most surprising news there is that it wasn't in the dictionary already.


Also in the latest class of legitimate words: "stan," as in "we stan that person." Don't know what it means? Ask any given teenager, they'll be able to explain. "Swole" is in there too, a popular internet term for a someone who's muscular.

同样被收录进词典的还有stan。就是we stan that person的stan。不知道这是什么意思?随便问任何一个青少年,他们都能解释给你听。Swole也被收录进去了,这个网络流行语指的是肌肉发达的人。

注:stan的意思是“死忠粉”(an extremely or excessively enthusiastic and devoted fan)


The political catchall "snowflake" has gotten an update. No longer does it just mean "little thing that falls from the sky when it's cold." As anyone who rants about politics on Twitter can tell you, snowflake officially also now means "someone regarded or treated as unique or special" or "someone who is overly sensitive." So, basically, anyone who doesn't agree with you during a Facebook argument.


catchall['kætʃ,ɔl]: n. 术语;笼统语


"Peak" is another old word with an newly expanded meaning. If you wanted to say, "reading stories about new dictionary entries is peak word-nerd behavior," you would be linguistically correct, by Merriam-Webster's standards.

Peak这个老词也增加了新词义。如果你说,reading stories about new dictionary entries is peak word-nerd behavior(阅读关于词典新条目的文章是典型的词呆子的行为),根据韦伯词典的标准,你的语法没问题。

注:peak在这里的意思是“正当红的、被大量使用的、最引人注目的”(being at the height of popularity, use, or attention)




Garbage time

the final moments or minutes of a game in which one side has an insurmountable lead, substitutes often enter the game in place of starting players, and scoring is typically easier because of looser defensive play一场比赛的最后几分钟,其中一方已经压倒性领先,替补队员上场换下首发队员,由于防守不严,此时得分通常更容易


Gender non-conforming

exhibiting behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits that do not correspond with the traits typically associated with one's sex 展现出与性别不相符的行为、文化或心理特征


Gig economy

economic activity that involves the use of temporary or freelance workers to perform jobs typically in the service sector雇用临时工或自由职业者完成工作的经济活动,通常在服务业



a plastic or paper cup used especially for taking a beverage off the premises of a bar, restaurant, etc.让你可以从酒吧、餐厅等场所带走饮料的塑料杯或纸杯



appropriate to, typical of, consistent with, or supportive of a particular brand or public image or identity与某个特定品牌、公共形象或身份相称、相符合或者支持某品牌的


Screen time

1. the amount of time someone or something appears on screen in a movie or television show

1. 某人或某物出现在荧幕上(电影或电视剧)的时间

2. time spent watching television, playing a video game, or using an electronic device with a screen (such as a smartphone or tablet)

2. 花在看电视、打游戏或电子设备(智能手机或平板电脑)上的时间


Top surgery

a type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person's breasts are removed or augmented to match their gender identity为了和性别匹配而切掉乳房或隆胸的性别确认手术



1. to temporarily refrain from using electronic devices (such as computers or smartphones)

1. 暂时克制自己不用电子设备(比如电脑或智能手机)

2. to temporarily withdraw from the responsibilities and obligations of everyday life (such as work or home duties)

2. 暂时放下日常生活的责任和义务(比如工作或家务)